Wowment to bring together corporate mentors and disadvantaged young people in Bristol

Mar 06, 2023

Wowment is providing the technology behind an exciting new mentoring programme that aims to provide support for disadvantaged young people in Bristol.


Launched at the start of March 2023, the programme will see 12 staff from construction company Brandon Hire Station sponsoring a 3-month employability programme, delivered by the Bristol Bears Community Foundation. Alongside this, the Brandon staff will offer their time to mentor and support the young beneficiaries.

 Brandon Hire Station is a Tool and Equipment Hire Specialist and part of Vp Plc. They wanted to create meaningful social value within their community and saw this partnership with the Bristol Bears Community Foundation and mentor training company Goal 17 as an ideal opportunity to do so.

The aim of the programme is to provide young people with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to enter the world of work, and the mentors from Brandon will play a crucial role in supporting this.

The mentors will support the mentees using This will allow mentors and mentees to remotely connect whilst safeguarding everyone involved in the partnerships. 

 Craig Capel, Bristol Bears Community Development Manager explained, “Depending where you live in Bristol makes a huge difference to the opportunities you are likely to have in life. On one side of Badock’s Wood Park life expectancy is 9 years lower than the other side, despite these two postcodes being just a short stroll away from each other. With programmes like this and the support of these mentors, we are able to help close that gap”.


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Brandon staff are committed to reaching out into their local community with many staff based out of their Bristol office. They want to help bridge social gaps and are committed to involving their staff and learning how they can help create better opportunities. Mark Burton, Brandon’s Commercial Director and one of the mentors said “We want to be an active part of supporting our local communities and that involves not just funding important project such as this one, but also getting our people involved. We want to learn as much from this programme as the young people and use the experience to help us understand how we can better support our local communities”.


Talking of their experience launching the programme one of the Brandon Mentors, Kate Jones, shared, “Despite initially being a little nervous about putting myself forward as a Mentor, I can already see the huge value of this programme. We all have preconceived ideas and perceptions about the challenges in our communities but getting the opportunity to be hands-on, creating a change is very special. I know that I am going to learn just as much from this experience as the young person I support and I am sure these are skills and perspectives I will take back into the work place”.


Wowment's Founder, Fran Boorman concluded, “This has been a great launch and we are so excited to see these two partners in Bristol coming together.  Using our platform we are able to provide the best possible support to everyone involved in this vial project.


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