Campaign-led mentoring

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Succeed where other mentoring programs fizzle out

Campaign-led mentoring replaces the stale old model that causes so many programs to fail - you know, the one that starts with a bang then loses momentum because both sides run out of things to say.  

Campaigns have a set timeframe and a purpose based on the mentee’s career needs.

Mentors and mentees know why they are there and what they’ve got to do. They are inspired to reach a goal.   

This leads to high completion rates (we know because we measure them).

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Set purpose

A clear purpose aligns each campaign to your strategic and people goals. It gives participants focus, confidence and a framework to mentor freely.

Set timeframe

A clear start and end date (whether that be six weeks or twelve months) gets people stepping forward when commitment phobia may have kicked in.

Maximum knowledge transfer

Each campaign introduces a mentee to a new mentor, giving them access to different wisdom and experience. Multiple pairings spreads knowledge throughout your organisation.

For every career stage

Throughout their careers, mentees benefit from the campaigns that will best help them progress to the next stage, from settling in as a new joiner to preparing for the board.

Launch and graduation events

Countdown timers to virtual launch and graduation events create a feeling of belonging to something special.


Complex business with lots of different departments? Forge new pairings of people who otherwise might not be working together. This creates knowledge exchange between different business areas or external partners.

Always evolving

As your people and your organisation evolve, a constant roster of new campaigns ensures that mentoring remains relevant. It is always at the forefront to support organisational change.

Guided support

Wowment guides users and organisers through every element of campaign management from how to set goals to how to celebrate.

Everyone Wins

Mentoring is a two-way relationship: we proactively encourage our mentors gain just as much from the relationship (we guide and measure mentors progress too).

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