Why Mentoring?

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Remove these six workforce risks with Wowment

Because your success depends on people

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Poor DE&I

While recruitment is becoming more diverse, evidence shows that  many minorities don’t progress further than entry-level jobs. 

Mentoring gets people from different backgrounds learning from each other. 

Skills vacuum

30% of the UK’s workforce is over 50. As they retire, they will take skills and experience with them.

Mentoring ensures this invisible wisdom is passed to the next generation.

Lack of candidates

Employers must think beyond money to attract the best talent, with demonstrable DE&I, ESG , and clear career mapping.

Mentoring shows commitment to career progression and making the workplace a fairer place.

WFH culture drain

In a work-from-home world, employers need fresh ways to keep company culture alive

Mentoring (especially a series of campaigns) keeps people connecting. 

High attrition

In a time when job-hopping is the norm, learning and development is vital to keep people and skills within your business.

Mentoring campaigns help people learn new skills and advance within your organisation. Why would they want to leave?  

Weak ESG credentials

Eligibility for lending, investment and tenders are increasingly dependent on  ESG credentials.

Measurable mentoring (like Wowment) gives you the data to prove your positive impact.

Mentoring solves workforce problems

Wowment solves mentoring problems 

Mentoring has been proven to help in these six areas, but company-wide programmes are difficult to organise.  

Wowment was created by a team that has designed corporate mentoring programmes for the UK’s biggest companies.  

It targets pain points, such as arduous admin, lack of metrics, participant sign-up, lack of direction, and programmes that just peter out.  

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